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February 2013
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Plant City's First Baptist Church

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About three weeks ago we, The Fam, took the boat out for a day of fishing.  The first part of the day was a little chilly, so sweat pants and a jacket was the attire for the morning.  As the sun started to hover overhead, the heat began to be felt and it was time for a vitamin D boost.  The morning attire was shed, sunscreen was applied, and I was ready.  Then it happened…I saw myself. Ugh! Standing up wasn’t as bad as when I sat down.  My mid-section was not so becoming. 

That’s it!  I know what the problem is.  For one, every day….yes every day…I would have a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of sweet-tea with my lunch at school. I have this thing for sweets, especially chocolate.  That is one habit that needed to come to a halt.  I told my co-workers to tell me “No!” if they hear me ordering either of those two items.  This chic was now on a plan.

Secondly, at the beginning of the school year, my principal made us write down personal goals.  One of my goals was to walk more during the week to stay healthy. Well that goal kept getting pushed aside after I felt like I had been walking all day in the classroom.  I was ready to come home, do the “mommy/house” thing, and RELAX!  After our family fishing trip, it was time to buckle down and get busy accomplishing that goal.

Here’s where the “I’m trying” fits in. I have been trying to resist those daily cookies and tea at lunch.  I have broken down once since I set my mind to resisting.  My buddy, Brooke, heard me order the items.  She did as I asked her to do and told me “No!” But I said that I’ve been so good, I just had to that day.

My walking has been a bit sporadic, but I definitely am “trying” doing it.  Not only am I walking, but leg lifts and sit ups too. 

“I’m trying” to take better care of myself. 

Now that our town’s famous Strawberry Festival is here (Plant City is The Winter Strawberry Capital of the World), I’ll be trying to tell myself “No!” to many of the sweet treats I would usually indulge in.

Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

I’m trying….and I can!


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