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February 2014
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Here I sit watching the very late Daytona 500, from the comfy chair at my home. 

It was only two years ago when Tim and I had the opportunity to attend our very first speed race.  We were hooked right away.  It could have easily been due to the great friends we were hanging with, but it is also because the exhilaration that watching the car races gives you.

A multi-car crash just happened, and the only woman racer, Danika, was being interviewed.  She was having a steady race all day/night and was feeling good about how her race was progressing, when her car was totaled in the accident.  She’s out!  All was going pretty well until…. 

She commented despondently, “That’s the excitement of speed way racing that anything can happen.”

As soon as she said that the thought came to my mind, “Exactly!  Anything can happen.”  My thoughts of course had to deal with life and knowing where you are going when it all ends.

On the plane ride home yesterday I was sitting beside a gentleman who was returning from Canada with his ski club.  He mentioned how they left Florida with thirty skiers and was only returning home with 29.  One of their club members, a 78 year old gentleman, ended up having a heart attack on the slopes and passed away.  My heart was aching for them and the new widow (who she wasn’t on the trip).  Later in our conversation, I commented on how it is important to know where you are going when it’s your time.

Do you know where you are going when your life ends here?  Anything can happen in life.  Be prepared.  Give Jesus your heart. 

If you have any questions, please click here.  I’d sure love to know that you are my sibling in Christ.

 I pray God’s abundant love and blessing for y’all.

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