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May 2014
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My momma! <3

Today is the day we celebrate moms.  I already come to terms in my mind that when we give flowers to moms in the church service, that this was the first time I didn’t have ANY of my moms to give a flower and a hug to. 

Tim’s mom is celebrating this day in heaven for the first time.  (Wow!  I can just imagine how those mommas are being treated today.) My mom is traveling on the other side of the country.  And my god-mother (aunt Tomi) has been at home sick for a while.

I was doing just fine with it all until…the children’s choir sang a Mother’s Day song and the verse kept repeating “I’m watching you.”  I heard the precious children singing, but I had to focus on something totally different.  Yes, Jany was watching over us.  I could sense it, but I sure didn’t want to be reminded of it at that point.  Then, when it was time for the flowers to be distributed, my father-in-law was one of the deacons who were giving them out to the moms at church.

He grabbed his bundle of flowers, and came straight to me first with a PINK carnation.  Our eyes met, exchanged gracious smiles, and I could tell this was a hard day for him as well.  I didn’t notice the color at first (Jany’s favorite) until Wayne had walked away.  I saw the pink flower and sighed.  Finally, the pastor stood there and acknowledge how for many folks that this day was difficult for many reasons.  The first reason he said was “because this may be the first Mother’s Day without your mom”. 

Between those three instances, I had to try (unsuccessfully) hold back the tears, but more than me, my thoughts and eyes turned to my husband.

I can’t imagine what Tim was going through today.

Mrs. Jany <3

My mind also turned to:

  • My sister-in-law, Jan, who is by her mom’s side as she is about to go meet Jesus.
  • Mrs. Gibbs who is spending her Mother’s Day probably going to spend a good part of her special recognition day at the hospital while her son, Doug, is battling with his health.  (BTW, improvements are being made daily.  Thank you for your prayers.)
  • Ms. Susan, a dear friend’s mom who has just gone through the beginning process of aiding her eldest son through surgery after having part of his body burned in a fire, and now her health isn’t doing well.
  • As I watched the children’s choir sing, my eyes connected with Natalie’s (the precious girl is full of energy, and is beating brain cancer).  I thought about the struggles her mom has been going through over the past year.
  • How can my thoughts not turn to my awesome momma?!  While in church I received a text message from her informing me that she has somehow twisted or hurt her leg and it hurts too bad to walk.  I wish I could help her right now.  Hopefully, she is getting some good quality time with her step-son and daughter-in-law.  (Whom is expecting and due in October. Yeah!)

Though these thoughts seem to be heavy, I can see STRENGTH, DETERMINATION, and LOVE in each of those mentioned.

On a happy note:

Welcome home, Liv! Way to surprise us ALL!


  • I found out this week that one of my dearest friends’ son and wife, Lane and Kelly, are expecting their first child in November.  They are going to be such wonderful godly parents.  A mom-to-be! Joy! Glory! 
  • We had two of our favorite families over for a low-country-boil to celebrate one’s birthday, two graduates, and just because.  The birthday girl’s (Theresa) daughter was expected to arrive home from the University of Georgia on Tuesday.  But to much to our delight, Olivia surprised her parents and arrived early!  Our gathering to celebrate T:’s birthday and Hunter and Maddie’s graduation from high school also became a homecoming surprise. Proud mommas for many reasons. Delight! Precious! 
  • One of the families over for dinner was the Shouse crew. They have two foster children besides their own three children.  I am so stinkin’ proud of them!  I hope that their children see what a beautiful godly, patient, and loving parent example they have in their momma, Kim.  Dedication!  Love!

    Kim, you're doing a beautiful thing!

    So yes, this day can be (and is) a mixture of emotions, but God is revealing Himself through it all.

His unfailing love, strength, and compassion are ever so prevalent in each of the scenarios above.

I am so proud to be a mother of my own three children; Hunter, Holly, and Cole.  I have those who call me “momma Shuff” and know that I am there for them, and I take that as a great compliment to our relationships. 

I had such powerful, godly examples of mothers in my life.  From my great-grandma Hunter and great-grandma Mamie, granny West, grandma Parker, my momma (Judy), and mother-in-law Jany. 

Praise God for string Christian women.

I love my family! Thank You, God.

This day has ended well.  For the past several years, on Mother’s Day, we go to the boat and beach.  This day was no different.  The sun shone brightly, the breeze blew comfortably, and my babies were all with me. 

Tim made it with a great display of strength and faith.  He knows his momma is watching over him, and I’m sure she’s looking down with a smile on her face.

Momma, thanks for living Proverbs 22:6, Train up a child in the way (s)he should go, And when (s)he is old (s)he will not depart from it.”  You trained me well. 

I cling to Jesus!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


My children teach me so much! I love them!

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