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January 2016
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Cole (the birthday boy), Marley (with the birthday treat), Holly, and Hunter

Cole (the birthday boy), Marley (with the birthday treat), Holly, and Hunter

What a birthday present!

On the way home from school, I asked “Cole, is there anything else you want for you birthday?” He said, “A dog.”

Well, God sure was listening, because Cole didn’t only get “a dog” but “his dog”!

Marley went missing on Christmas night after being scared by fireworks in our neighborhood. There have been over 500 shares on social media by people trying to help locate Marley. It amazed me how quick the word gets out when an animal is lost. Everyone has been so kind, compassionate, prayerful, and curious over the past 17 days as to whether or not she had returned home or not.

When we came home today I prompted by feet up, while I rested in my comfy chair, and began to browse Facebook. I received a message, with an attached link, from the Lost and Found Pets of Hillsborough County page saying, “Would you please check on this post. I’ve left a message for him on voice mail, but I want you to check it.” I immediately click on the Craig’s List link, looked at the three photos and said elatedly, “Cole! Marley has been found!”

I called, left a voicemail, and continued calling. The poor young man never had a chance to check his voicemail because I kept calling. Bless him.  He answered on the third call.  He told me about how and where he and his brother found Marley.  They took Marley to his apartment, put the notice on Craig’s List, and was going to take her to get scanned for a microchip tomorrow. They were heading to work out of town for the day.  We set a plan to meet tonight.

Since Marley hadn’t made her way back home yet, we’ve often thought that maybe Marley tried going to our new home just north of town. She loves it out there. Yet, day after day, no Marley.

Well, I’m thinking that’s exactly what Marley was doing. She was found half way between our current home and our land. Glory!

Wow, what an adventure she has had for such a sweet and timid dog. If dogs could talk…I bet she could write a book about her 3.2 mile journey.

As I mentioned earlier, today is my son, Cole’s, 14th birthday. He had a basketball game tonight at 7:45pm. When he heard that the man who found and rescued Marley could meet with me around 8:00 in a nearby town, he said, “Go, mom. You can miss my game. Go get Marley!”

In preparation, I went to the pet store to buy more food, treats, shampoo, and a special “birthday treat” as well. We have her crate ready with a soft blanket inside, but I don’t believe that Cole will give her a chance to not sleep with him in his bed. That’s where she likes to sleep anyhow.

Time couldn’t move fast enough. The anticipation was churning inside.

I finally received the text for the young man to meet him at a 24 hour vet clinic.  Holly, our friend Carson Leigh, and I hopped in my car and headed to Brandon.

We were almost to the vet when we received a text from the founder that said, “Got her scanned. It’s Marley!!”


marley founders

THANK YOU, Draven and Tristen, for finding her! Thank you a thousand times! You’ve completed Cole’s birthday!

So she looks quite a bit thinner, but she is sooo glad to be home! Welcome home, Marley.

Through this entire process I couldn’t help but think about the desire God has for us to pray for, show compassion to, share Him with the lost in our world.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal savior, please let me encourage you to contact me, contact someone at a local bible believing church, and/or click here to find out “How to be a Christian”. Friend, having Jesus in your heart is the ONLY way you will get to heaven.

When you do accept Jesus, you are no longer lost. You will be found!

We are ecstatic over our precious Marley being found, but wow-oh-wow how glorious and delighted it will be when you are found! Woohoo!!

Thank you ALL for the messages, texts, phone calls, prayers, and concern regarding our lost dog. Marley is home! Thank You, Jesus.

“We had to celebrate this happy day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost, but now he is found!” Luke 15:32


I pray that you will enjoy soaking up The Son every moment of each day. –Stephanie

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