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November 2017
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Daily Archives: November 18, 2017

‘Tis the season!

Some may say…”Tis the season:

  • To be jolly
  • To be thankful
  • For football
  • For shopping
  • For eating lots of turkey
  • For Jesus
  • For trying to tolerate family members during the holiday times
  • To put up Christmas décor before we even celebrate Thanksgiving
  • To be patient

Ahhh, patience. That is exactly what God put on my heart to write about today, when suddenly, there was the perfect illustration, right in front of me, on this topic.

I’m driving home. I see the car ahead of me put their brake lights on. Then, there’s a tractor, sluggishly journeying down the road. I didn’t get upset, roll my eyes, take a deep breath, or say anything I shouldn’t say. Nope, I just smiled, laughed, and subconsciously said, “Good one, God.”


God was clear in His instruction when he had Paul pen the words:

I beg you to live the way God’s people should live, because He chose you to be His. Always be humble and gentle. Be patient and accept each other with love.  Ephesians 4:1-2

The adjectives humble, kind, and loving, have been pressing on my heart this season.

Recently, I chose the shortest, non-ten-items-or-less line at the grocery store. It may have been the shortest line, but it was the longest wait.

There were two elderly ladies checking out. The sweet (I could just tell she was sweet by her countenance) lady paying was having trouble finding the correct change and paying for her groceries. The second seasoned citizen was holding the two small bags of purchased items. The cashier and bagboy would glance my way as if to say, “Sorry”. I was in a bit of a hurry, but I was reminded that could be me one day. I will be that dainty, grey-haired lady, who may be holding up the line at the store. When they ladies left, the cashier calmly said, “Sorry. Thank you for waiting.” I smiled and said, “No worries. That may be me one day.”

Thinking of those “seasoned citizens”, I have friends who are currently tenderly reversing the parent/child responsibility. My heart aches for them, and am humbled by their enduring actions. I’m reminded that I’m blessed to have my parents around, and there may come a time when I find myself in the comparable situation as my friends.

It is often difficult to display patience with those we love. They love us! Right? They will forgive us! Right? Hopefully for you as for me, these questions are true, yet…that is not a reason to demonstrate a lack of patience with the ones who love us most, especially our parents. After all they’ve done for us…I’m quite sure my mom and dad (and many other loved ones) had to be tremendously patient with me.

I am NOT going to pray for patience for you. We all know the result of that. But I do want to challenge you to demonstrate the godly character of having patience this season. I’ve heard that it takes six weeks to be consistent in doing something to make it a habit. Well guess what? There are six weeks left in the year! Why not begin today with being patient so you can start the new year off with a great habit, and a godly characteristic that will carry you far in life.

I type the word “patience” in the search section of this website. Sixty-nine! 69 posts regarding patience! I would LOVE to know which is your favorite, or top three. Maybe I should reread, edit, and compile these into a book. Hmmmm. What do you think? Please click on the following link for ALL 69! I even laughed out loud on a few and recalled some good and trying times. Confession…I haven’t read ALL 69 yet. Patience. http://soakinguptheson.com/?s=patience&search=Search

I do pray for many blessings to you and yours, and for you to recognize those blessings, even the ones in disguise.

Love to all,