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January 2018
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Plant City's First Baptist Church

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Me and my kiddos on Mother's Day 2016

Me and my kiddos on Mother’s Day 2016


I am a blessed girl!

God uses everyday situations in my life to teach me about Him and His love.  God’s Word is alive and active!  A verse that I may have read last year, last week, or even yesterday, may have a new meaning to me depending on the season of life I’m in.  This isn’t just true for me, but for you too.

I thank you for reading and sharing this blog.  I pray that God will speak to you through it all.

Please don’t just enjoy this site, but enjoy getting to know my Jesus and growing closer to God more each day.  He wants you to talk to Him and get to know Him better.  Pick up the bible, enjoy the great outdoors, and have fun “Soaking Up The Son” in the sun.

I pray that you will enjoy soaking up The Son every moment of each day. –Stephanie

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My man and I love to "soak up The Son" in the sun together.

My man and I love to “soak up The Son” in the sun together.





10 Responses to About Me

  • Ann says:

    Hurray for you, Stephanie. You have a beautiful blog. Now many, many people can enjoy your words of wisdom from God. Congratulation! In Christ’s love, Ann

  • Jerry Bassett says:

    Carol called me night before last to tell me about your blog: “Soaking Up The Son”.
    I have enjoyed reading your postings on Face Book, and now, I will enjoy keeping up with your blog
    Uncle Jerry

  • Judy Bassett says:

    Honey, I look forward each day to reading your Blog. I’m really blest to have a daughter like you. You are an inspiration to me and I love you so very much. Keep doing God’s work. Mama

  • Kim shouse says:

    I am thankful for your obedience to God in taking the time each day to write this blog. So many of us spend our time doing things that won’t matter for eternity. I look forward to reading about His activity in your life and in the life of those around you. God is so good!

  • Kristin Mayo Galloway says:

    I have enjoyed your postings- You have such a gift and such a love for God- thank you for sharing with us- It means a great deal to me- You look the same as always and haven’t aged one bit-Thank you for sharing you life and love for our Heavenly Father!! It’s quite refreshing to read!!

  • Nancy Wright Diaz says:

    Stephanie, your sight has touched my heart and brought to mind a much simpler time . When there was nothing but faith. Thank you

  • Effie Carol Hall-Jenkins says:

    My career was at Sun Trust downtown,& I remember waiting on your family.Also go to First Baptist.Love your blog, & I emjoy reading all your inspiring words about God. My mother faithfully attends First Baptist also. Her name is Wyolene Hall.Your words today brought tears to my eyes about Velma. I have known her family ,Newsomes, & Velmas family, the Simmons. Such wonderful Godly people.Keep up your words,they are inspiring.Thanks Carol Jenkins

  • Heather Padgett says:

    Thanks Stephanie! I’m so glad you are sharing Gods word on this blog!!! You have encouraged me to read more of Gods word! This has touched me deeply! Thank you!

    • Stephanie says:

      You just made my heart smile soooo big! Thank you! That’s what I hope to do…encourage others to fall more in love with Christ, grow closer to Him, and know more abut God! Yeah!

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