People often wonder what is the key to life? The answer is about a choice we have to make.

We have a plethora of choices to make each day. Yet there is one choice that is the most crucial. It is a choice between life or death, a blessing or a curse.
We are told in Deuteronomy 30 that it is not too difficult or beyond our reach.  Then, the key phrase appears in verse 20, “This is the key to your life.”
What? What is the key to life???

The key is you choosing to: love the Lord, obey Him, and commit yourself firmly to Him.
I personally have found that when I put Jesus first, love Him more than anyone or anything, and pray and seek to do His will and not mine, life is so much better. It’s the best!

What’s your choice?

Blessings to you and yours,


In this photo, Tim and I were in Dunbar, Scotland overlooking the remains of the Dunbar castle. This is his mom’s (Jany) family heritage. The Harbour town was quaint and they had the history displayed beautifully.


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