The older I get the more unwanted hair appear where I really don’t care to have them, and most of the time I don’t even realize they are there. It’s not until I look into a magnified mirror that I gasped with a “what the heck” or “oh no” comment to myself. Why didn’t anyone tell me I had so many random eyebrow hairs growing, or a dark coarse hair piercing out of my chin? Wait…Am I taking on my granny’s appearance?

Like Dr. Tony Evan’s says, “the mirror shows us what is wrong, but is not designed to fix it.” Geez, wouldn’t that be a cool trick…I look at what I consider a flaw and the mirror vanishes it away. Well, God’s law is like the mirror, without it, we would not know sin. The law reveals it, but doesn’t fix it.

Thanks for joining me as I read through the book of Romans. Today, I share Romans 7:6-13. Once more section to read in this chapter and then chapter eight must be some more goodness. Why do I say that? Because my bible has many words underlined, circled, double underlined, notes jotted in the margins already in chapter eight. Stick with me, and grow in wisdom and more in love with God.

Blessings to you and yours,