I feel like the following is a PSA for newbies to Florida and our beaches.

In the last journal entry, I shared Romans 7:7-13. In verse 9 it mentions, “At one time I lived without understanding the law…” In the margin of my bible I had written “You know what you know. Seek to understand.” This verse and thought comes to life numerous times on beach and boat life.

Within the past week, we’ve seen swimmers swimming passed the swim buoy where boats zoom pass in the Gulf of Mexico. Their head bobbing resemble a crab trap buoy. They didn’t wave to let the boaters know they were in the vicinity. Good thing the drivers or their passengers were paying attention.

In the middle of the pass, at the point of the island where we stay, there were two folks enjoying swimming. What they did not understand was that this is definitely NOT the season for stray swimmers. We gasped at the two swimmers in the pass, knowing how dangerous it is to be there. Tim slowly approached them and said, “I hate to be ‘that guy’ but this is tarpon season. Boats are fishing for tarpon in this area. When there are tarpon, that means there are sharks. There have been A LOT of sharks here, so you may want to not be in this area.” I’m standing behind him shaking my head in agreement. The couple smiled, said a big “thank you”, and swam quickly to shore.

Just days before, we captured on video a 9 foot tiger shark, casually swimming through the pass and sandbar.

Also, while Tim was fishing for tarpon on the beach, he came upon an 8’ hammer head that had a school of tarpon gathered like a bait ball.

On Memorial Day evening, Tim had fought and caught a tarpon, then the tarpon lost the fight by being eaten by a bull shark. That breaks our heart. yet, is the circle of life.

Now, are those sharks looking for people to take a bite out of of? Of course not, but during tarpon season, someone could be mistaken for one. Why take that chance. It is not worth it. The waters are their home. Respect the fin.

With so many vacationers and new residents from the north enjoying our Sunshine State, I hope that people will “seek to understand”. Seek to understand the rules of boating (too many idiots out there…sorry, not sorry), the season for fishing and the courtesy to fisherman, and where to and not to swim. I’m sure the Sheriff’s department, Coast Guard, and FWC (https://myfwc.com)  would appreciate folks understanding the rules of beach and boating.

Welcome to our state, but please seek to understand and know the laws. Be safe and have a wonderful summer. And welcome to the Freedom Sunshine State.

I pray that you will seek to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and God’s word on how to live abundantly.

Do any of you need wisdom? Ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to everyone. So he will give you wisdom. James 1:5 ERV

Knowledge begins with fear and respect for the Lord, but stubborn fools hate wisdom and refuse to learn. Proverbs 1:7 ERV

Blessings to you and yours,


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