Have you ever been out looking for something, only to realize it was right in front of you all along?

Today’s journal entry was inspired by my man.

This lesson can be applied to various topics in your life. But the one that comes to mind is the relationship between a husband and wife, and to go a bit further…your relationship with Christ.

Tim and I were all set to go hike the Upper Hillsborough Preserve. We had passed by the entrance a plethora of times. While returning from our date night in a nearby town, we commented on how we need to go explore this park the next morning. 

We love going on walks/hikes. It’s not only good for you to be out exercising, yet quality time together is important in a relationship, and exploring new lands together can be fun (more on that “can be” example in another post).

Before we left home, I pulled up the georeferencing map. I discovered that there was another park entrance, closer to our home. 

We drove to this location, which was in the middle of nowhere. I jokingly, yet somewhat serious, texted our eldest son to inform him of where we were in case anything crazy happened.

Tim mentioned how this place should have some big deer, so I was on the lookout. Surrounded by 3,000 acres of pines, palmetto palms, old oak trees, and wide open spaces…we were bound to run into something. Since we saw a huge dead cotton-mouth rattler as we were entering the park, you can bet my eyes were peering out for them as well.

I just knew we were going to see some wildlife. Hopes were high, but the weather was hot, most likely keeping the deer in the shade. Between the katydids, crickets, and birds, the only wildlife we saw was one skittish raccoon.

After hiking for almost three hours, we headed home.

Once home, Tim looked out our kitchen window and saw, not one, but three deer.

That’s when Tim said, “Here’s a devotion for you: There’s no need to go out looking for something, when it is right in your backyard all along.”


Are you looking for something elsewhere, only to realize that you’ve got a good thing going on in front of you?

You see marriages fall apart because someone gets restless or numb, goes out to make a huge mistake, only to realize that they really did have a good thing going on where they were. Breaks my heart!

In my scripture reading the other day, the Message translation read, Day and night I’ll stick with God; I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go. Psalm 16:8 MSG. Friend, when you’ve got God, don’t let go! He’s the best thing around.

Before your eyes begin to wander away from your spouse, get in check and communicate. Get real with your spouse and with God. Get Christ in the center of your relationship. Maybe do a date night here and there. And, instead of telling your spouse to “take a hike”, maybe y’all need to go on a hike and spend quality time together.

Praying for you and your relationship with Christ, and for you married folks.

Blessings to you and yours,


Featured photo: Do you see the three deer out back? Center of photo. Between the trees. Love the land we are blessed with.


Love my man! Thank you, Tim, for loving life and Jesus with me.