I’m so excited!

Who’s ready for book #2?

I feel like an infomercial with “but wait…there’s more”

This book will be unlike any children’s book you’ve used. It will be a colorful book filled with beach devotionals, inspired by true stories from our family vacations. Our youngest son, Cole,  and daughter, Holly, will be the main characters to capture the attention of both girls and boys. There will be a lesson learned, Bible verse, an activity, a fun fact about each beach located around Florida, and…you get to look for this adorable little crab on each page (much like the ant from The Right Road).

Will you join me in praying for the editor (Crystal), illustrator (Deborah), publisher (EABooks Publishing), and me through this process? THANK YOU!!!

As always, it will be for any age at any stage.

Please join me in praying through these next few months.
Blessings to you and yours,