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June 2015
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qu“Lessons from My Kitchen:  Part 3”

When you come to my house one thing is for sure, you will find a bowl of M&Ms®  waiting for (or tantalizing) you on my kitchen counter.

Just last week my sister-n-law (Wendy) and niece (Marie) from Georgia joined Holly, my mom, and me at the beach for “Girlie/Cousin Love Time” weekend. When my niece, Marie, walked in the door, she looked at the bowl of M&Ms® on counter and said, “Yes!  There’s Aunt Stephanie’s trademark.” I wasn’t even in my own kitchen, but the “trademark” still comes with me.

Trademark…That’s it!  According to the dictionary the definition of trademark is a distinctive mark or feature particularly characteristic of or identified with a person or thing.  So I guess that one could say the bowl of M&Ms® on my kitchen counter is like a characteristic of me.

When I hear the word characteristic my consciousness automatically, biblically, goes to Galatians 5:22-23:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

So maybe the next time you start enjoying a bag, handful, or just a couple of M&Ms®, maybe you’ll associate each color with a characteristic:

Red:  Love

Yellow:  Joy

Blue:  Peace

Orange:  Patience

Green:   Goodness

Brown:  Faithfulness

Pink:  Self-Control (Ok, so you may only see this color during Valentine’s Day, but, hmmm…that sounds like a good time when some folks may need to have some self-control…just thinking, for those of you not married.)

Aqua:  Gentleness (Another uncommon M&Ms® color, but I like it!)

Here’s another fabulous piece of scripture about character:

“Because you have these blessings, do all you can to add to your life these things: to your faith add goodness; to your goodness add knowledge;  to your knowledge add self-control; to your self-control add patience; to your patience add devotion to God; to your devotion add kindness toward your brothers and sisters in Christ, and to this kindness add love.”  2 Peter 1:5-7

Oh, the bowl of breakfast bars…yes, they are always waiting for you too beside the M&Ms®.  Think of it as a “Morning Grab-n-Go”, just like a daily dose of God’s word to get you going.  I want to encourage you to read at least one bible verse each morning and meditate on it.  I’d love for you to include Soaking Up The Son as part of your daily “Grab-n-Go” too.  Even if a new entry isn’t posted each day, there is three years worth of material waiting for you.

I pray many blessings and much joy for you! Have a wonderful day. – Stephanie

Remember… Look around your kitchen and ponder on what others may say about you.  Turn it into a God lesson.  I hope you stay tuned for more “Lessons from My Kitchen”.

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