I was sitting on the edge of the stage, ready to share a bible story and lesson with about seventy energetic kindergartens through second graders. While they were entering the room and finding their place to settle down, one precious little girl sat in front of me. She looked up, with the most beautiful smile, and asked, “How are you today?”

I replied, “Wonderful!” and proceed to tell her how I got my lawn mower back from the repair shop. Now I could mow my yard that hasn’t been mowed in almost three weeks. I emphasized how high the grass was with my hand.

She grinned and inquired, “Was it satisfying?”

I was amazed at the conversation and questioning skills this first grader displayed, and enthusiastically replied, “Yes! Yes, I was satisfied!”

Our engaging conversation continued until all the students were sitting down, and then I thanked her for being so polite.

How appropriate our conversation was, because that night I was teaching about being courteous.

The time was very limited that evening. But I really wanted to get a few role-play scenes done as examples and non-examples of how to be courteous. Y’all, remind me to choose more dramatic kids to demonstrate scenes next time. It was like pulling teeth trying to have them dramatize these scenarios so that others would know what they were doing. Bless them. 

I was watching the large digital clock displayed in the back, and knew I had to get to the scripture. So, instead of doing all nine role play situations, we only accomplished three.

The bible verse shared was:

Do for others what you would want them to do for youMatthew 7:12a

The final thought was given:

Jesus was the perfect example of being courteous to others. We are to follow Jesus’ example. Be the one to change someone’s heart and attitude because of your well-mannered and kind self.

I said a prayer.

Then, the children had to be dismissed.

I walked out that night feeling a bit flustered, and I knew that I needed a new game plan for next week’s lesson.

God knew. God knew I needed His reassurance that night. When I walked out to my car, God reminded me that He is the Promise Keeper, by displaying a beautiful rainbow. Then, while driving down the road, my car was facing towards a stunning display of rain clouds with a small opening for the sun’s rays to shine through. How could I not smile and thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to share Jesus with little children.

I’d like to encourage you to remember to be courteous to others. Be engaging like that precious first grade girl. world today sure could use some kindness and Jesus’ examples of how to live. I pray that when you feel like you’ve let others down, while trying to do your best, don’t be so hard on yourself. Look up. Thank God for the opportunities given and know that with God you will do just fine.

Will you be the one to change someone’s heart and attitude because of your well-mannered and kind self? 

Blessings to you and yours. And a huge thank you for joining me on this journey of soaking up and sharing The Son.